Five Factors in Choosing a Vending Machine

Have you been googling for information on vending machine hire? Want to rent your own vending machine but confused on where to start? Don’t worry; here, you’ll find out what factors you should consider in choosing your own vending machine.

What items will you be selling?

Yes, you’re considering to get in touch with vending machine hire companies. However, have you decided on which items to sell? If you’ve already made up your mind on what product to sell, then other factors will be based on that particular product.

Are you knowledgeable about coffee, hence choosing coffee as your main product? Would you choose soda and snacks to always have food within reach? Are you into exchanging bills for coins and small change?

Arriving with a single product can lead to other different questions. Say you chose coffee as your selling product – what kind of coffee will you be selling? Who will be your customers? Will they require different varieties, or will it be fine to just sell coffee and then have them choose to add sugar?

What location will you be placing the machine in?

Another factor to consider is the location you’d be placing the vending machine in. Do you already have a location in mind?

There are a lot of possibilities. It may even be said that the choices are virtually endless. As any vending machine hire firm will tell you, there are pros and cons to every location – and those factors are what you need to consider.

The location will help you decide on what product to sell. Offices will benefit most from coffee machines, bathrooms will require vending machines with toiletries, while schools will gather the highest amount of sales with machines filled with snacks.

The best location is said to be those ones with heavy foot traffic; the more people end up seeing your machine, the bigger your profits will be.

How much will you be willing to spend?

There are vending machines that don’t cost a lot, which will be ideal for those who are trying out vending machine hire for the first time.

On the other hand, if you’re a veteran in business, then you may be willing to shell out more than the average and get a bigger machine with more items to sell.

Would you accept credit cards?

There are vending machines that only accept cash as a mode of payment, so determine if you’d be accepting both cash and credit the earliest possible. Sure, you can change them later, but imagine the inconvenience on all parties if you suddenly consider changing your machine at the last minute.

Do you have time for maintenance?

The more complex the machine, the more time you need to spend for maintenance. Besides, there are machines that need more time spent for refilling and for repairs – if you don’t have anyone else to manage this, then consider this as another deciding factor. Of course, getting help from the vending machine hire company will likely add to your operational costs.

Don’t rush your decision

Remember, even if you’re only renting, you’ll still be taking risks in this kind of business venture. So, don’t try to decide on things too quickly. To maximize your profits from day one, you’ll have to consider everything.

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